Natural health solutions and
their benefits

Natural ingredients and extracts have gained popularity over the years as medicines that promote better health.

Despite the rise of modern medicine, proplr still on a lootout for safe, healthy, and natural solutions that are free from harmful chemicals to ensure good health.

This is true for animals as well. Livestock owners and animal farmers are now turning to natural solutions to care for their animals.

Benefits of using natural solutions

  • Herbal
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • No Side

Introducing Kolin Plus

Kolin Plus

Kolin PlusTM is a standardized botanical powder
from natural remedies (NR-SBP)

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    Our USPs

    Unmatched Quality and Innovation

    Setting new benchmarks in every product and service we offer.


    Cost Effective

    Suits with Premixes

    Caring Alternative of choline chloride


    Lower dosage with same efficiency

    Our Other Power Brands


    PHYTOCEE is a natural solution for stress control that comes with unique features and benefits.

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    STODI is a standardised botanical powder that reduces wet-droppings and improves gut integrity.

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