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No Improvement In Healing Wound?

Has it been days since your animal has been suffering from wounds? You might have gone to the store looking for a spray and finally, you purchased the yellow bottle. But even after using the spray for a week, you see no noticeable result. If this is the case, you might have been using the duplicate Topicure spray. Often our farmers go to stores to buy the Topicure spray and end up purchasing the duplicate product. These counterfeit products can be harmful, fail to heal wounds, and may cause side effects. To avoid duplicate products follow these steps:
  1. Check for QR Code: Topicure spray comes with a QR code. Simply scan it to receive a message confirming you have purchased the original product.
  2. Look for the ‘Natural Remedies’ Logo: One of the quickest ways to check authenticity is to see if the spray bottle bears the ‘Natural Remedies’ logo, front and back
  3. Check the Names: Others are selling Topicure spray under different names such as ‘Topical spray’, ‘Topicsure’, and ‘Topisure’. These similar names can be confusing. Therefore, look or ask for the name ‘Topicure’ when purchasing the spray.
Topicure Advance gains its yellow hue from Turmeric, known for reducing swelling and redness of the wound along with antimicrobial properties. Counterfeit products use synthetic colorants that can cause severe skin irritation. Keep your animals healthy and free from wounds and infestation to maximize productivity. Topicure Advance offers quick and effective solutions for wounded skin in ruminants. As it is made with natural ingredients like neem oil, curcumin, and pinus longifolia oil. This herbal aerosol spray is perfect for treating cuts, wounds, lesions & maggot infestations. For lesser pain, faster relief, and complete recovery of the animal buy only original Topicure Advance spray. For product details, click here.
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