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5 ways to keep your chickens cool during summer

Every year when summer approaches, it is not only humans who suffer various ailments and prefer to remain in the shade but also our two and four legged animals. Providing decent shelter, adequate water and natural food supplements will go a long way for them to be productive and profitable too. This blog talks about ways to keep your chickens cool during summers as they are susceptible to heat strokes.
  • Ice their Drinking Water

    Chickens and chicks need to be hydrated especially in summers. This will keep them safe and healthy too. What one can do is place water bowls that is shallow and constant refilling ensures they all drink water. Infact, if the heatwave is strong, ice cubes can be placed in their bowls to chill the water. These water bowls can be placed in the shade also.
  • Frozen chopped fruits will do the trick

    Chickens love fruits and in summer, frozen chilled fruits like bananas, pineapples, apples, watermelons and strawberries will do the trick. One must chop these fruits into tiny pieces and freeze them beforehand. Once frozen, feed the chickens. Another option is to feed them yoghurt with fruit pieces in it and see them go crazy. Do avoid feeding them with maize, corn, etc., as it takes a long time to digest and increases their body temperature which is harmful for them.
  • Shade & ventilation

    It is important chickens are provided shade during summers. Place the chicken coop that is cool, airy and with good ventilation. If chickens feel the heat, they dig deep and try to cool their bodies. Ventilation is a must for it can get hot and stuffy inside the chicken coop. Install a fan and keep it running through out the day to keep them cool. Place a safeguard around the coop if there are threats of dogs and other animals. Also, make sure there is a thin layer of sawdust on the coop floor to maintain some heat inside..
  • Different Breeds have Different Results

    It is recommended to run a check on the breed you have, as not all breeds have the same resistance to heat. Some breeds find it easy to manage extreme temperatures while others struggle. , It is best to know what breed you own to prepare yourself and your chickens when summer arrives.
  • Allow air to flow in

    It is best to set up a fan to get air flowing during summers. Before you install fans, do look for where there is scope for breeze passing through the coop. Have your coop placed where there is breeze or air movement. Also, ensure there is enough shade for the chickens.
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