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Broiler production and management

Broilers are birds of about 8 weeks of age of either sex with a body weight of around 2.1 kg which are reared for meat purpose. Broilers can be housed on deep litter, slatted or wire floor, or battery cages. Broilers can be reared as either a single batch at a time (all-in all-out system) or multiple batches of brooding and rearing of broilers. All-in-all-out systems have only one batch of broilers, belonging to the same hatch at any time. This system is more hygienic, lesser sub-clinical infections and horizontal spreading of diseases, and thereby lesser mortality rate, better growth rate and improved feed efficiency. However, this system is not suitable for large-scale farming and needs higher fixed and working capital per bird.
    • Multiple batch system

      Disease-causing microorganisms in the poultry industry include various viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. The most destructive avian viral diseases are Newcastle disease virus (NDV), avian influenza virus (AIV), infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), egg drop syndrome avian adenovirus, and fowl pox virus. Some of the natural remedies to treat viral diseases in poultry are as follows
    • Floor space, feeder space, and waterer space

      The floor space requirement of broilers varies depending on their body weight at the time of marketing, housing systems, marketing age and ambient temperature. The feeder and waterer space also varies depending on the environmental temperature and health condition of the birds.
    • Cage rearing of broilers

      Broilers can also be reared on battery cages. Broiler cages are like that of grower cages. To prevent the breast blisters, the bottom of the cage may be coated with some plastic materials. The floor space requirement in cages is 75% of the floor space needed in deep litter.
    • Vaccination

      1. Vaccination against Ranikhet disease is done at 5-7 days and 21-24 days of age
      2. Vaccination against Gumboro disease is done at 12-14 days of age
      3. Vaccination against Infectious Bronchitis is done on 1st day or along with Ranikhet.