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Veterinary Feed Supplements for Animals

If you are a farmer or a livestock owner, stocking the right feed supplements and feed additives for your animals must definitely be on the top of your list, and for a good reason. While animals derive most of their nutrients through their feed, it cannot meet all their nutritional requirements. At times, even if the quality of the feed is poor, the animals are unable to derive enough nutrients. This is where feed supplements come in handy. Feed supplements are given to the animals along with their daily feed to ensure that they get their required nutrients. These supplements also play an important role in keep the herd health intact. Proper nutrition is extremely important for the growth and development of the animals. And these feed supplements ensure just that. They also provide energy and ensure proper reproduction. They also ensure optimal productivity. Feed supplements are available in liquid, powder, or pellet forms. The type of feed supplement depends on the age and the nutritional requirements of the animals. Different farm animals require different types of feed supplements to tackle various health conditions. However, the benefits of giving your animals feed supplements remain the same. Let us take a look at the several advantages of giving your animals the right feed supplements.

Importance of veterinary feed supplements in your animals’ diet:

It boosts reproduction and fertility:

Certain feed supplements help enhance fertility in animals when fed in the right quantities and at the right time. The supplements also help combat fertility-related problems and keep the animals healthy. Some feed supplements, such as Kamdhenu by Natural Remedies help the animals recover post reproduction/calving. Click on the link below to know more about the product.

It improves productivity:

These feed supplements help boost various bodily functions of the animals, which in turn leads to higher productivity, because, a healthy animal means higher yields. Keeping your animals healthy and well-nourished, also leads to high quality yields.

It aids development:

Feed supplements with minerals such as calcium and phosphorous play an important role in the skeletal and structural development of the animals by strengthening their bones, and improving bone and joint health.

It helps in overall growth:

While different feed supplements meet different nutritional requirements, they all work towards enhancing the overall growth of the animal. Feed supplements also help boost the immune system and help prevent illnesses.