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We're thrilled to invite you, to join us at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2024 in Atlanta from 30th January to 01st February. This event promises to be a hub for pioneering developments in the poultry, meat, and feed industries.

Your participation at IPPE 2024 holds the potential for engaging discussions and valuable insights. We look forward to exploring the myriad opportunities and advancements together with you. Save the dates, and let's embark on this shared journey of exploration and discovery at IPPE 2024!

Kolin Plus

Kolin Plus

Experience the breakthrough solution with KOLIN PLUS FC, a standardized botanical powder by Natural Remedies (NR-SBP), exclusive & unique and formulation derived from the nature with a high content of Phosphatidylcholine and Phytocompounds. Kolin Plus FC is perfect greener alternate to choline chloride for poultry and swine which brings unparalleled benefits of fat mobilization, metabolism, and muscle growth.

Choose KOLIN PLUS to revolutionize poultry and swine management. Elevate your animal health and achieve optimal performance with this innovative solution.


Kolin Plus

Discover the revolutionary phytogenic feed additive that boosts bird immunity and tackles the detrimental effects of stress. Crafted from a meticulously selected blend of Phyto actives, PHYTOCEE enhances the immune system, enabling poultry and swine to combat infectious and non-infectious stressors. Its adaptogenic property promotes endurance, while optimized cell-mediated immunity ensures effective stress management. PHYTOCEE is heat-stable and scientifically validated, offering a natural and reliable solution for improved health and performance for your animal.

Embrace PHYTOCEE to safeguard your poultry, enhance productivity, and foster a healthier, stress-free farming environment.


Kolin Plus

A natural solution to optimise health of the liver and intestine and restore their normal functions while protecting against the detrimental effects of free radicals and mycotoxins. ZIGBIR is a Standardised Botanical Powder (NRSBP) that contains active phytochemicals like andrographolide, phyllanthin, flavonoids and alkaloids.

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