Easy Grow - Growth Promoter for Poultry

Easygrow ᵀᴹ

EasyGrow, is a unique blend of Fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins, phytoconstituents, Inositol, essential amino acids and milk protein hydrolysate to boost the development of digestive and immune systems of chicks.

Benefits of using EasyGrow are as follows:
Improves livability in chicks.
Improves immunity in chicks.
Helps to achieve better body weight gain & FCR.
Better flock uniformity.
Early chick nutrition and control of stress.
To restore the nutritional balance in stressful conditions like peak production, vaccination, diseases (supportive treatment), transport, debeaking & moulting.

Available in

  • 1 ltr

Target Species

  • Broilers


  • Layers


  • Breeder


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