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Rich Heritage:

Our journey started way back in 1950’s. Our founder Shri. Ramlal Agarwal was a renowned expert in identification and collection of herbs. He was fascinated by the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine. His keen interest in herbs and the love for animals initiated research on how these herbs could be useful in treating animals. This led to the beginning of an exciting chapter of herbal medicines in the Animal Health Care industry. This legacy was continued by his son Shri. R.K. Agarwal by setting up a small scale R&D facility in Bangalore in 1970 , to fuel the rigorous research. We integrated traditional knowledge of herbs and modern science for creating breakthrough products to meet emerging challenges in human and animal health care industry

As our business started expanding, it fostered the need for a bigger and better research facility. In 1996, our existing R&D center got transformed into best-in-class facility with modern technology and latest lab instruments.

Modern outlook:

In 1998, under the active leadership of our current CEO Mr. Anurag Agarwal, this organization was rechristened as Natural Remedies and got transformed into a professionally managed organization. This led to a multifold growth of the organization over a decade. In 2010, we emerged as a leading Herbal Veterinary Healthcare company in India

We at Natural Remedies, have always lived & breathed customer led innovations, leading to creation of segment defining brands like Topicure, Glucaboost, Zigbir, Phytocee, Turmacin, Gutgard etc.

Our distribution is spread across various locations in India and we have a significant presence in the major markets like USA, Australia, Korea, South East Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to working with our employees, our business partners and our customers to build a brighter future together

Shri. Ravindra Kumar Agarwal

“Life is all the choices you make, and if your choice is based on profound interest, success is not a distant object”.

Shri R.K. Agarwal started his career in his early teens and remains an embodiment for the above said quote. His keen interest in understanding the benefits of herbs to animals and mankind resulted in what is known today as Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Armed with a strong scientific temperament, meager resources at hand and a will to succeed, he experimented with blending traditional knowledge with modern science. With persistent effort and the development of some very effective herbal combinations later, he helped lay the foundations of the company which has now become 30 million dollar enterprise.

Shri. Ravindra Kumar Agarwal

Over five decades, Mr. Agarwal gained extensive knowledge on the medicinal herbs of India and their prudent use in restoring health. He was passionate about developing effective and consistent herbal products with delivering good value for money.

As an office bearer of various important associations, Shri. R K Agarwal has been a visionary and a spokesperson for the herbal industry. A few key positions he held include:

  • Member: Vision Group on Biotechnology, Govt. of Karnataka
  • Member: Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council (SHEFEXIL)
  • Chairman: Expert Committee on promotion of Indian System of Medicine using Biotechnology, Govt. of Karnataka
  • President: Association of Veerasandra Industries
  • Ex-Vice President (South India): Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers Association of India (ADMA)
  • Ex-President: Karnataka Indian Medicine Manufacturers' Association (KIMMA)

Anurag Agarwal

Anurag Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Natural Remedies has been associated with the company for over 20 years and has been leading it for the past 5 years. During his tenure, he has seen the company grow and evolve into one of India's leading healthcare companies. Passionately committed to the paradigm of "Harnessing Nature and Applying Science for Health and Happiness," Anurag Agarwal believes in "Collaboration and Winning Together."

At Natural Remedies, the organizational culture where everyone - be it employees, customers, or partners - feels valued and respected is strongly merged to the business goals and the company is aiming to double its revenues by the year 2020.

Under the innovative leadership of Anurag Agarwal, the company has carved a place for itself as India's No.1 herbal veterinary healthcare company. Natural Remedies has also made its foray into the world of human health and their healthcare products offer a perfect recipe for improving the quality of life of its customers.

Anurag Agarwal

K N Reddy, AVP Global Sales Animal Health

Mr. K. N. Reddy

Associate Vice President

Mr. Reddy brings his expertise in poultry science to the table along with 27 years of experience in the field of animal health. Having completed his education from reputed institutes such as Kakatiya University and IIM Ahmadabad, he is master strategist and inspirational leader recognized across industry. He plays an important role in nurturing our sales team and is solely responsible for the expansion of sales of the brand across the globe. Mr. Reddy presently leads the animal health division and has ensured a consistent CAGR growth as the business head. Apart from his achievements at work he has also been a recipient of several laurels, some of the prominent ones include the Great Manager Award from Economic times & People business group and the Long service executive award from NRS publications in CEOs forum 2016

Vrajesh Jha, Head  Marketing

Vrajesh Jha

General Manager - Marketing

Possessing wide-spread knowledge across several sectors including food, FMCG, B2B, consumer Health and Pharma, Mr. Vrajesh Jha is the driving force that has successfully managed all marketing initiatives across all business units ventured into by Natural Remedies. He offers 18 years of experience and a proven track record in managing marketing function, corporate communication and launching and developing new brands. Mr. Jha is been awarded several accolades through his diverse career. His most outstanding achievements include the Global Rx Club award for the most creative campaign, The Times Food Award for the best ice-cream brand 2015 and Asia’s Best Healthcare Brand presented by ET.

Prashanth D’Souza, Head  R & D  Animal Health

Prashanth D’Souza

Assistant General Manager – F&D

Mr.D’Souza , fired by his curiosity about plants and their usefulness to animals, spent 28 years of his career developing novel products for animal health. Backed by a Post Graduate degree in Life Science, with over 30 research papers to his credit ,Mr.D’Souza is the master creator behind the evolution of some of the best in-class products. His remarkable contribution towards the development of ‘ Topicure Spray’- a flagship product known to be the largest wound healing spray across the nation, has fetched him commendable recognition.

Baskar Varadhan, Head  Human Resources

Baskar Varadhan

General Manager - People & Culture

Mr. Baskar ensures an excellent business support to strategic goals and long term talent readiness plans. He ensures the quality of our pristine senior management all through the hiring process and in the implementation of performance improvement programs. Having completed his MBA from the XLRI, the industry has given him the know-how of dealing with people with ease, making him great at what he does. He also comes with over 25 years of people and culture domain which reflects in his commitment to ethics and Culture Building Initiatives at Natural Remedies. He has also been recognized with the Top 100 HR super achievers award in 2017 by Business India & World HRD Congress.

B. Murali, Head Quality & Regulatory

B. Murali

Assistant General Manager - QC/QA and Regulatory

Mr. Murali’s extensive knowledge regarding Quality Control and Regulatory is unparalleled. Leveraging his experience as a successful guardian of quality, the organization has implemented various quality systems. He has received appreciations from USP for contributing monographs. Besides, he has been an active member of Indian Pharmacopoeia Expert committee. He, along with his team has successfully come up with more than 100 monographs to various national and international pharmacopoeias. To add on in to, he has co-authored a book on quality standards for Indian medicinal plants.

Rajesh Jade, Head  Product Supply organization & IT

Rajesh Jade

General Manager - Supply Chain, Operations & IT

Mr. Rajesh has been an Operations Management Specialist, for over 23 years. He has been actively involved in Supply Chain, Operations, IT strategy and development. He has efficiently ensured cost optimization and played a major role in the infrastructure development, supply planning & execution within the organization. He led the team which has recently been rewarded with Supply Chain Operational Excellence Award from ET Now and World Health Congress.

Deepak Mundkinajeddu, AGM Research & Development

Suresh Kumar Lakshmikanthan

General Manager - HHP Business

A recipient of MBA from Walden University, USA. Mr. Suresh is a Pharmacy Graduate and comes with extensive 19 years of global experience with a proven track record in leading the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Herbal business across various geographies. His expertise includes building a robust go to market strategy, setting up distribution network, Global Sales, Branding, working with Multicultural team, in both B2B and B2C segments. He is tasked to scale up Human Health, Branded Extract business across Global markets.

Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy,  Chief Financial Officer

Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy

General Manager - Finance

Fondly called Venky, he is known for his exceptionally unparalleled professional track record and high ethical standards for over 18 years. An expert in the field of corporate finance and operations, Mr. Venky catalyzes business results, mitigates financial risks and optimizes cash flows and investments. To ensure a seamless service, he has raised long-term funds, led governance initiatives and driven various OPEX management measures for the company.

Deepak Mundkinajeddu, AGM Research & Development

Deepak Mundkinajeddu

Assistant General Manager - R&D

Deepak offers his expertise in chemistry and bioactivity of natural products in leading the R&D programs in the company. Academic credentials combined with experiential learning in the field of botanicals, from both research and market points of view, have enabled Deepak to add value in the journey of the organization. He has played an important role in the teamwork that led to development of clinically tested novel ingredients from Indian medicinal plants. Phytochemical reference standards offered by his team are now being used globally by industry, research laboratories and academic institutes.


We harness nature and apply science, for health and happiness.

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