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Guide to Poultry Housing Systems: Types and How to Choose

There are four types of housing system for poultry viz. The free-range or extensive poultry house system, The semi-intensive poultry house system, Folding units poultry house system and Intensive poultry house system.
  • Free-range or extensive poultry house system

    The Free-range or extensive poultry house system is very common, old and cheap as it requires less investment. In this kind of housing poultry is allowed to roam freely around the farm and a huge number of birds can be reared. Since, in this type of housing, poultry, consume lots of feed from grassland such as herbs, seeds, and insects so the feed requirement is very less. In free range housing system application of scientific management is very difficult, also, there is loss of poultry eggs as the bird lays eggs inside the dense grass in the free range.
  • Semi intensive poultry house system

    For small scale poultry farmers, semi intensive poultry housing system is less economical. In this type of housing system poultry rearing is partly free-range and partly intensive type.
  • Folding units poultry house system

    Another type of poultry housing system is folding units poultry house system in which the whole area of the run is enclosed by wire nettings. In this type of housing system the total poultry unit can be shifted from one place to another. This system is most efficient, convenient, and economical system for modern poultry production with huge numbers of poultry. Commercial poultry farming is done only with this system.
  • Intensive poultry house system

    The floor of the chicken house in this type of housing system is made with beddings or good litter materials. The biggest disadvantage of this type of housing system is restricted movement of poultry which affects the welfare of birds. The Intensive poultry system has further been categorised into Deep litter poultry house system and Cage poultry house system.