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Animal Healthcare

How to take care of farm animals during rainy season?

In India, the agricultural sector still prevails heavily. The livestock sector contributes 4.11% GDP and 25.6% of total Agriculture GDP. Thus, livestock has become an integral part of the agricultural sector. However, livestock includes protecting animals from the weather and environment to maintain productivity. It is important to provide shelter to the animals from heavy rains, winds and more. Let us find out the common problems found during rainy seasons and how to take care of them.

Leaks in Shades

There is a high chance of water leaking into the shelters of the cow’s shed. It affects the comfort of animals, whether they are cattle, pigs or chicken. If the shade is not clean enough, the water can produce ammonia that instantly affects the animals’ eyes. This may happen faster if there is no proper ventilation. Also, it irritates the body and creates swelling in the animal’s eyes. The best way to take care is by avoiding leakages in shades and keeping them clean every time.

Excessive grass is harmful.

As the rain pours in, many young grass sprouts come up, and animals pick up the soft grass and eat in large quantities. However, the grass has a lot of water and fibre, which is unhealthy for the animals. It is very common to see animals passing watery during rainy seasonand hence necessary to cut grass dry it while it is sunny and store it.

Excessive Moisture Brings Bacteria

The moisture brings bacteria to the earth and can cause diseases. The most common ones are worms, and farmers must stock a broad spectrum of de-wormers. De-worming must be done at the beginning of the rainy season and throughout the season, as worms multiply more during the season.

Udder Diseases

During rainy seasons the chances of udder diseases are common, and if udder diseases happen, it is known as udder mastitis. It swells the udder and stops producing milk. It can be treated using general antibiotics and make sure that the farm must be disinfected throughout the rainy season.

Ticks Spread Faster

Ticks can quickly destabilise cattle pests and spread faster during the rainy season. But, if they are not appropriately treated, they can cause a disease called east coast fever, leading to the death of cattle. Farmers must spray their animals regularly and cut the bushes near the shades.
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