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Wound management in animals

Wound is any break in the continuity of skin, tissue surface and mucus membrane caused by any physical, chemical or biological agents. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of wounds, promote it’s healing and prevent it from fly infestation. Here are given the reasons of wound injury and wound management in farm and pet animals.

Causes of wound injuries in animals

Some of the common causes of wounds in animals are injuries caused by horns during mutual aggression, horn fractures, injuries caused to small animals by kicks of large animals, injuries on skin and teats caused by wired fence, injuries caused by tightened ropes and injuries caused by bites of other animals.

Prevention of injuries to animals

Injuries to animals can be prevented by blunting of their horns, housing them in sufficient large space so that overcrowding of animals can be prevented, separate housing of new born animals so that they may not be seriously injured by kicks of large animals, animals should not be allowed to cross the wired fencing and avoiding the overtightening of rope.

Care and Management of wounds

<pThe first thing need to be done is to prevent the bleeding, in case if there is profuse bleeding from the injury. It can be accomplished by putting pressure on the site with the help of clean sterilized cloth followed by tightening of the affected region. Further, if the bleeding does not stops then ice cubes may be applied to the affected part. Abscesses must be lavaged with 10% povidone iodine solution and potassium permanganate (1:1000) for keeping the wound free of infection. In case of fly infestation to the wounds, fly repellents can be used. For wound treatment ointments like Himax can be used. For wound healing Topicure gel and Topicure spray can be used.
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